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SEO - site optimizing and promotion

дакорд SEO

Site optimizing and promotion in searching systems (SEO) is a process intended to step up your site ranking in Google and Yandex according to specific queries of the users.

The promotion process starts with auditing the site or performing a comprehensive analysis. At this stage the key words and phrases of the promoted business which potential clients input into Google and Yandex will be determined, and the elements that are preventing the site from moving to the top of the search results will be identified. Depending on the site size and the business competitiveness, the audit process could take from one day to several weeks.

The next basic SEO stage consists of codes and texts optimization, without which no effective site promotion in Google and Yandex will be possible. The bulk of such optimizing job is done by a programmer and copyrighter, and takes from one to four weeks.

дакорд SEO диаграмма

Following the verification and corrections is the actual promotion: placing advertising items and articles with links to your site in popular Internet resources it order to make the site highly visible on the net.

Monitoring will be carried out to verify the results, focusing on the site’s ranking in the returns of search systems according to the requested key phrases. SEO is a cyclic process. Regularly (normally once a month) each stage will be repeated in the same order. This way we can respond in a timely manner to continuous changes in the Yandex and Google algorithms, by correcting errors in the texts and program code of your site, and introducing new technologies recommended by leading players on the Internet, such as search systems and social networks.

For effective promotion of your site on the Internet we recommend a comprehensive approach combining the SEO with other no less important methods: